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Einsteins Unified Field Theory Dislocations and Differential Geometry Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics Mach's Principle
English translation of Einstein's attempt to unify gravitation and electromagnetism in a teleparallel spacetime with torsion The relation of differential geometry with torsion to dislocations (topological defects) in crystals The dynamics of topological defects in an elastic continuum and relativistic effects The hypothesis that gravitation and inertia depend on the cosmological mass distributions was first put forward by Ernst Mach (1838-1916)
Translation gr-qc/9612061 gr-qc/0011064
Ann.Phys. 18 (2009), 53-70; 0708.3518
gr-qc/0610028 ,with figures

An overview on gravitational physics gr-qc/0702009.
A talk at the PPC 08 conference on the Machian DSD cosmology is here: slides and audio file (32 mins + 12 min questions).
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