Alexander Unzicker


Dr. Alexander Gerhard Unzicker

Physicist and Author


1965 Born in Munich as son of Freia and Wolfgang Unzicker
1984 Graduated from High school Wittelsbacher-Gymnasium
1985 Studying physics and law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich
1989 DAAD - fellowship at the Università degli studi di Bologna (I)
1993 Diploma in physics, state examination in law
1995 Birth of elder son.
2000 Highschool lecturer state examination (math/physics)
2001 PhD in Neuroscience at the Institute for Medical Psychology (LMU, summa cum laude)
2005 Birth of younger son.
2007 Birth of daughter.
2010 Publication of Vom Urknall zum Durchknall (Springer), Sciene book of the year
2012 Publication of Auf dem Holzweg durchs Universum (Hanser)
2013 Publication of Bankrupting Physics (Palgrave)
2013 Publication of The Higgs Fake (KDP, CreateSpace)

Conferences (selection)

Chaos and Complexity, Blois (F), 1993
School "Advances in Quantum Mechanics" of the Ettore Majorana Center in Erice (I), 1994
School Topics on Finite Elasticity, Udine (I), 6/2000
Symposium on Structured MediaTRECOP 01, Poznan (PL) 09/01 - dedicated to the memory of Prof. Kröner
GGG Workshop in Pisa (I), 05/02
Conference SIGRAV 02 , Monteporzio Catone (I), 9/2002
Marcel Grossmann meeting MG10 (07/03) in Rio de Janeiro.
Einstein's Legacy in Munich, Germany (11/05)
Problems of Practical Cosmology, St. Petersburg, 2008
New Directions in Cosmology, Leiden, 2010

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