Alexander Unzicker

Publications by Alexander Unzicker

Date Title Source
2023-01 The Liquid Metallic Hydrogen Model of the Sun: Modelling a Density Profile of the Chromosphere ViXra 2301.0102
2021-07 Constants of nature, scientific revolutions, and simplicity Physics Essays Phys.E. 34, p. 372-384 (2021)
2020-06 Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics with Defects Resembles Electrodynamics - A Comeback of the Aether? ZAMM ZAMM 103 Vol.4 (2022); 2006.0218
2019-01 A Test of the Superposition Principle in Intense Laser Beams ViXra 1901.0083
2015-10 Robert Dicke's Momentous Error - A Comment on Rev.Mod.Phys. 29 (1957), p.363 ViXra 1510.0082
2015-08 On the Origin of the Constants c and h ViXra 1508.0170
2015-03 A Machian Version of Einstein's Variable Speed of Light Theory (with J.Preuss) ArXiv 1503.06763
2012-12 The Discovery of What? Ten Questions About the Higgs to the Particle Physics Community ViXra 1212.0100
2010-11 Do Galaxies Change in Size ? An Angular Size Test at Low. Redshift with SDSS data (with K.Fabian) ArXiv 1011.4956
2010-03 Immanuel Kant on Supersymmetry: A Practical Evaluation ArXiv 1003.2967
2009-12 How to Determine the Probability of the Higgs Boson Detection ArXiv 0912.0443
2009-01 A Look at the Abandoned Contributions to Cosmology of Dirac, Sciama and Dicke Annalen der Physik 18 (2009), 53-70, ArXiv 0708.3518
2008-06 Questioning the observational evidence for the cosmological standard model PPC 08 Conference Proceedings
2008-06 What happened if Dirac, Sciama and Dicke had talked to each other about cosmology? PPC 08 Conference Proceedings
2008-06 A Quick Verification of the 2-D Galaxy Distribution with SDSS Data (with J. Fischer) ArXiv 0806.1506
2007-09 Mach's Principle and a Variable Speed of Light Einstein's Legacy 2005
2007-08 The VSL Discussion: What Does Variable Speed of Light Mean and Should we be Allowed to Think About? ArXiv 0708.2927
2007-02 A Quick and Dirty Approach to Verify the Pioneer Anomaly (with D. Schmidle) ArXiv gr-qc/0702151
2007-02 Why do we Still Believe in Newton's Law ? Facts, Myths and Methods in Gravitational Physics ArXiv gr-qc/0702009
2006-10 A Solar System Test of Mach's Principle with Gravimetric Data (with K. Fabian) ArXiv gr-qc/0610028
2005-11 Mach's Principle and a Variable Speed of Light ArXiv gr-qc/0511038
2005-03 Translation of Einstein's Attempt of a Unified Field Theory with Teleparallelism (with T. Case) ArXiv physics/0503046
2003-08 Galaxies as Rotating Buckets - a Hypothesis on the Gravitational Constant Based on Mach's Principle ArXiv gr-qc/0308087
2003-01 Displacement Field and Elastic Energy of a Circular Twist Disclination for Large Deformations - an Example how to Treat Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems with Computer Algebra Systems ArXiv cond-mat/0301531
2002-03 Topological Defects in an Elastic Medium - a Valid Model for Particle Physics ? Structured Media-Trecop'01 (B.T. Maruszweski, Ed.), Poznan University
2001-06 Psychophysik und formale Beschreibung visueller Klassifikationsleistungen Dissertation LMU Munich
2000-11 What can Physics Learn from Continuum Mechanics ? ArXiv gr-qc/0011064
1999 Innate and learned components of human visual preference (with I. Rentschler, M. Jüttner and T. Landis) Current Biology 9, 665-671
1999-03 Modelling the dynamics of visual classification behaviour (with I. Rentschler and M. Jüttner) Mathematical Social Sciences 38, 295-313
1998-06 Similarity-based models of human visual recognition (with I. Rentschler and M. Jüttner) Vision Research 38 (1998) 2289-2305
1996-12 Teleparallel space-time with defects yields geometrization of electrodynamics with quantized sources ArXiv gr-qc/9612061
1995-05 On Meso-Scale Normal Mode Initialization by Updating Basic States: An Over-Ridge flow situation (with F. Schmidt) Contributions to Atmospheric Physics 1995/5 p.99-111